EMV "Chip Ready" Solutions

Point of Sale Solutions

We provide professional products and services to the hospitality and retail industry. Founded in 2000, StationSmart distributes products that control your business, pricing, inventory, day reporting, and easy to understand financial data.

After operating multi unit retail gasoline sites for more than twenty years we are well versed in all aspects of the industry. More than ten years ago we expanded our focus to include general retail, restaurant, and QSR businesses. Today we have installations including single and multi-unit grocery, convenience, liquor, restaurant, and QSR locations We have experience and extensive relationships with local contractors, vendors, and manufacturers.

Bottom line...we know your business and can help you achieve better results.

Products & Services

We have worked hard to find products that keep us on the forefront of technology.   Such as Back Office software to control registers exclusive to the gasoline industry. Exploit the power of promotions, loyalty, mix and match deals. Trust the numbers your business generates to make sound decisions.

Custom POS systems using the best hardware and warranties in the industry. Complete control over inventory and revenues. Integrated card processing, time and attendance and video capture systems.

Cloud based hospitality program using the Android platform. State of the art reporting and financial integration. Control multiple sites with ease. Cloud based data reporting. Bring “dashboards” to a new level. Set your own parameters for critical alerts. Save time sifting through data looking for issues...better to use that time looking for trends to plan for success.

Accounting integration...direct, not import and export. The whole point of having an integration is to save time and eliminate transposition issues.

We represent multiple products to ensure we have a solution that is right for your business. We have invested many hours testing real data to make sure the products "perform as advertised".

Our products are not just an "off the shelf" hardware or software based product, but more importantly a solution that is specific to your industry needs. We are always learning, testing, and configuring products to maintain a relative position in the marketplace. We are in constant search of time and cost saving procedures and look forward to growing along with our clients.